Agile Software Development

 This is a 2-Day Agile Software Development Kickstarter Bootcamp to empower IT Professionals or Engineering Graduates with Agile Development & Growth Mindset, exposure to real-time case studies to increase salaries potential 2x or Even More..!!

“I’m Here To Help You embrace a Agile Mindset & Skyrocket Your Career!!”

Skyrocket Your Career with Enterprise level – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

  • Date:        Sunday, Aug 1st 2021  

  • Time :      5.00 PM IST

  • Venue:      Zoom Online Live Event.

  • Duration:    Two (2) Hrs.


I am sure by now you have heard about agile, companies big and small like Amazon and Google are using agile to manage work. You may be forgiven if you wonder why agile is used more and more for managing work and projects

This is a fact that close to 60% of all projects fail completely or finish late and over budget. To fix this problem we need to move to an Agile method of doing things.

This is a time to be agile and by applying what I’ll be teaching, you can open yourself up to an amazing career progression for you. What you’ll be learning has been proven to work all over the world for top experts in their fields,  IT Professionals, Architects, Analysts and people just like you.

Who should attend this Workshop?

✔ Engineering Graduates who want to pursue a Career in IT Profession with Agile Development

✔ Software Developers with 0-2 years of experience looking for growth in IT Profession with Agile Development  

✔ Sr. Software Professionals with 2-5 years of exp. who want to transition Agile Development

✔ Project Managers and Leads (5-10 years) who want to Learn Agile Framework, Principles and Agile Mind set

What will you get?

✔ Hands-on Approach to Create User Stories, Effort Estimation without any prior experience of coding

✔ Lead the Agile Team and successfully execute AGILE Project.

✔ Receive a Signed Certificate to increase Your Job Prospects!

✔ Confidently Take on Job Interview with Agile Mindset!

✔ Become a Swiss Army Knife, and bag higher paying jobs

Why IT Professionals (Freshers / Engineering Graduates Passed / Passing Out) FAILs to make the Final Cut in their Dream Jobs?

Statistics shows 8 out of 10 engineer graduates fail to impress the Job Interviewers in the 1st 5-Min time window and miss their dream jobs.

Why IT Professionals Get a Meagre Pay Hike and Land as “Mediocre” Employee in S.M.A.R.T scale and Fail to Command the Position and Hike Available Within Organization.


Statistics shows 60-80% IT professionals score average or below average in S.M.A.R.T scale and get 2-3% Annual Hike (that too Eaten Away by Inflation and Tax bracket)

Wondering How Missing Out Last Mile Connectivity Is Painting a Gloomy Picture of Your performance and Impacting drastically in landing the dream job or boosting Your Career in Current Organization or Dream Jobs. 


The Answer is “Achieve Your PEAK Performance with AGILE Mind-set.” The secret is unveiled below:

  • Large Enterprise Prefers AGILE PORFESSIONALs and Open Opportunities of 28,000+ Jobs EVERY MONTH in IT Space – Market Intelligence Research.
  • In this Digital Arena, Where All the Monotonous and Repetitive Jobs would be Simply Shallowed Away by Automation (Software BOTs), The Agile skill will Help You TO Be Relevant in Your profession AND Skyrocket Your Career.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) professionals are globally recognized for their ability to support the successful transformation of organizations into Lean-Agile Enterprise.


A 2-Day – Agile Software Development Bootcamp Kickstarter for IT Professionals with or without IT Project experience WILL HELP in landing dream Jobs and Skyrocket their career with Enterprise level – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)!! 


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